A glimpse into what makes NeighborLink extraordinary

Stories are connections to the world around us. Through them, we learn to see with new eyes. At NeighborLink, we believe each person’s story compels us to love our neighbors in new and authentic ways. Here are just a few of the stories that are moving us to love in new and better ways.

How To Download The App

Save the NeighborLink app to the home screen of you mobile device for quick access.

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How to Sign Up for a Project

Ready to jump in? Volunteering for a project is easy. Learn how to do it in under 90 seconds here.

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How to Create an Account

Want to set up a volunteer account? It’s easy! This quick video will get you started in less than 60 seconds.

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How to Add a New Project

Want to know how to upload a new project to the site? This simple video will show you how!

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