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Project #21: Weeding
Senior Citizen needs help weeding a small area at her home in Kettering. Her daughter Kathy is the contact person for this, and arrangements should be made through her.
Project #20: Need a ramp built
Elderly woman needs a wheelchair ramp built over the existing front steps at her home in Kettering. Her daughter Kathy is the contact for this project. Funding for the ramp has been arranged. Details on funding can be obtained by the Project Coach...
Project #19: Tax assistance
Senior Citizen in Fairborn area needs a volunteer to help her complete her taxes. Please contact Kevin at LoveMonkey Ministries for details.
Project #18: Flower garden area needs spring cleanup
This senior needs help weeding a large flower garden area and general spring cleanup of the garden area. Could be done over a series of days for 1-2 people, or would be a great project for a group of 4-6 to knock out in a day.
Project #17: Taking leftover house contents to a donation center
In late April/early May this resident will be moving to assisted living. Following an estate sale, all remaining items in the home need to be taken to a donation center.
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