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Project #43: Bathroom Floor Replacement in West Milton
An older lady called requesting assistance in replacing a small bathroom floor through the passport program. The lady lives in West Milton. If interested, please call Bill at 937.669.1213 for more detailed information.
Project #44: Door Placement at JJs Furniture - Tipp City
JJ's Furniture is looking for help to install a door on their large trailer. If you are interested, please call Bill at 669-1213.
Project #45: I have a client that is needing help with a ramp for his w/c to get in and out of his home
The client just had a below the knee amputation and has a lip on the door to get in and out that is difficult in a w/c. He lives with his sister and they have a ramp that someone gave them, but they are not able to leave it on the door because the d...
Project #46: Wheelchair Ramp Built
Anne Ruhland from Beavercreek Christian Church has a friend with brain cancer that lives in Fairborn and needs a Wheelchair Ramp Built. Nothing is there now, so it will have to be done from the ground up.
Project #48: New Roof - Piqua
A roof is needed for a house on New Street in Piqua. Please contact Bill at New Path at 937.669.1213 for more detailed information.
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