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Project #46: Wheelchair Ramp Built
Anne Ruhland from Beavercreek Christian Church has a friend with brain cancer that lives in Fairborn and needs a Wheelchair Ramp Built. Nothing is there now, so it will have to be done from the ground up.
Project #48: New Roof - Piqua
A roof is needed for a house on New Street in Piqua. Please contact Bill at New Path at 937.669.1213 for more detailed information.
Project #50: Painting and Ceiling Repair
A homeowner near Fletcher has requested help for home repairs including painting her front room and repairing a large hole in the ceiling. Contact Bill at blutz@ginghamsburg.org for further details.
Project #51: HVAC in Dayton
A resident of Dayton in the 8400 block of Inwood (off of Salem) need someone to look at the HVAC system in the house. The system is not working and the homeowner isn't sure if it's a small repair or a big problem. Call Bill at 937.669.1213 for furt...
Project #52: Yard Work/Shrub Trimming in West Carrollton
We have a project in the 1200 block of Sherwood Forest that requires shrub trimming and weeding. The spouse of the homeowner is currently in hospice. Call Bill at 669-1213 for more details.
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