Our Mission

Since 2003, NeighborLink – Ft Wayne’s (the founding chapter) mission has remained the same: to provide practical expressions of God’s love to our neighbors in need. Christ’s love for us compels us to love Him; His love for people motivates us to love our neighbors well. By serving others, we believe we are fulfilling this mission as Christ intended.

Today NeighborLink chapters across the United States, create a unified network of neighbors helping neighbors, regardless of where they live or what they look like.

Thanks to GPS technology, you can use this platform to safely link up with local neighbors in need. From basic tasks, such as yard work and snow removal, to more skilled projects, like wheelchair ramps or plumbing needs, our goal is to make loving our neighbors as simple as possible.

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Board of Directors

Kevin Beavon
Founder and Director of LoveMonkey Ministries

“NeighborLink is the next step of what we started with LoveMonkey Ministries. I am so excited that we now have the technology to manage all our projects, volunteers, and client’s needs in one central location. It will help us expand our reach to new services, new volunteers, and new communities.”

Doug Powell
Retired Public School Teacher, Former Co-Director of More Than Carpenters

“A previous experience with a church group exposed me to the magnitude of needs people have . . . many of which are not addressed by traditional social services and therefore go unmet. My excitement with NeighborLink Miami Valley centers on its potential to connect those who have unmet needs with those who have the desired and skill sets to meet those needs.”

Bob Yancey
Retired Divisional President, Goodrich Aerospace

“NeighborLink Miami Valley is an exciting opportunity for those in the Miami Valley who would like to serve those in need with their time, service, and fellowship to do so. It is exciting to see this faith-based organization come to the Miami Valley, and I am happy to be associated with the team working to make this a reality.”

Bill Lutz
Executive Director of The New Path, Inc. Has worked twelve years in local government

“I am excited to be a part of the NeighborLink Miami Valley because it gives everyone a chance to be a part of a generous lifestyle. We live in a very generous community and many folks want to give. Giving of your time and your ability is something that is perhaps more valuable than money and it’s something we all have to give. Having a chance to grow more generosity in our communities is very exciting!”

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