About Us

NeighborLink Miami Valley (NLMV) is a faith-based non-profit organization designed to help connect neighbors in need to individuals, churches and groups willing to help address those needs.

Very simply,we provide a central online community to post and respond to needs from all over the Miami Valley.  

We know that we are all in this together, and so we choose to be good neighbors. We choose to help those who might need a hand up. In doing so, we are fulfilling a great challenge to love one another and take care of one another in very real and tangible ways. We know that sometimes needs fall through the cracks.  We want to stand in the gap and provide a place where those needs can be posted and answered. In turn, the residents of the Miami Valley now have one central hub where they can find ways to help a neighbor in need with as few barriers as possible. 

We know that across the Miami Valley there are thousands of volunteers that help senior citizens, people with disabilities, low-income families, and all sorts of other tangible projects every year. It is NeighborLink's desire to make as many connections between these great individuals, businesses, churches, and other organizations as possible and to support those activities the best we can by providing resources and connections to volunteer opportunities all over the area.

Needs come in a lot of shapes and sizes.  Maybe you need someone to help paint a room.  Maybe your sick neighbor needs a meal. Maybe your company wants to help tutor a group of at-risk kids.  In the big picture, we hope we're connecting neighbors in practical ways that encourage relationships and healthier neighborhoods.  Even small things change neighborhoods, and we've seen simple projects like yard mowing turn into multi-year relationships between neighbors.

We welcome anyone with any need. 

We invite anyone who can help in any way.

Reach out with your questions. We'd love to meet you.

NeighborLink Miami Valley

“Helping those who serve to serve better.”