NeighborLink Miami Valley (NLMV) began in 2019 organizing and preparing for operation. Startup efforts were delayed in 2020 due to COVID-19 but are scheduled for 2021. NLMV is an affiliate of our founding organization, NeighborLink Fort Wayne (NLFW), which began in 2003 and is well established. The videos on this webpage are those shared by NLFW and contain references to events, activities, and communications in the Ft Wayne area.

As we continue our efforts to become established in the Greater Miami Valley, we will post videos specific to our efforts. In the meantime, we are encouraged with those successes experienced and shared by our founding organization, NLFW.

Please direct any and all inquiries to our local office at:

NeighborLink Miami Valley
7695 S Co Rd 25A
Tippy City, OH 45371
Phone 937.669.1213 or
email us at

Thank you for your interest in NLMV - Helping Those Who Serve To Serve Better